Honeybee divinity came to me as a beautiful image...

 ...bowing down to the earth, kneeling, touching the ground with the palms of my hand, with a deep gratitude for all that was and IS, and as I began rising up, my hands naturally reaching out as if holding a baby and yet extending ever so outward, and as they continued to rise and extend, the BEES, they were fluttering everywhere and with each honeybee the warmth became, there was warmth, warmth all around.  

I have since become familiar with the Indian Bee Goddess, Bhramari Devi, clearly a vision of divine warmth.  This warmth, it can be felt. Heart, Felt, Warmth.

I  love what the honeybee brings and cherish so much our relationship to the divine.  Honeybee Divinity, Inc. was founded in 2013 with the vision to create warmth in the world through wonderful living products. I thank you.  Kimberly